martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

Oral test

Hi there people. 

As we have the oral exams tomorrow, I made a brief outline of what you gotta say in front of our teacher and Audra. 

Good luck classmates. 

lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

Task 8

Alex: Hi Carlos! You were calling me, weren't you?
Carlos: Yes! It was because I think you love music, don't you?
Alex: Yes, of course why are you asking?
Carlos: Because I was thinking that we can set up a music club in the university
Alex: Yes, I think that's an excellent idea, and we can teach people to play instruments, for example I can teach piano
Carlos: But to fund the club you should ask for a loan from the university of 10000€.
Alex: Ok, to get the grant we could perform at the university's campus, in this way we will get signatures which will help us to secure a grant.
Carlos: It is a good idea. Moreover we can advertise the club with brochures and front page adverts in the university.
Alex: What about a grant price?
Carlos: I think it should be €25 joining fee and €30 per month thereafter.
Alex: Ok it is fine
Carlos: What activities do you think we can do during the year?
Alex:So we can go  to other cities in order to make concerts or go to music museums
Carlos: And what do you think about performing in parties?
Alex: It is a great idea, as there are a lot of parties during the year
we can take the chance and perform in them!
Carlos: Ok Alex, I am going to talk right now with the university, because I am the manager and the director, aren´t I?
Alex: yes of course, And I am the music teacher and the treasurer ok?
Carlos: Ok Alex, see you later

miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

APPLYING FOR A GRANT: secretary/student

ST: Good morning.
SE: Good morning, how can I help you?
ST: I´d like to enquire about the grants available.
SE: What would you like to know?
ST: What are the dates for application period?
SE: In order to apply on time, you must send the paperwork no later than the 14th of May.
ST: What is the age limit?
SE: You must be older than 16 and younger than 24.
ST: And how much money would be given in the grant?
SE: There are two options, on one hand, you can get the grant in October if you are a member of a National/local team and in other hand, if you are not you get it in January.
ST: Would I lose the grant if I do not attend lectures?
SE: Yes, if you do not attend the lectures you could lose the grant.
ST: OK, and I will lose the grant if I get injured?
SE: Yes, if you get injured, you´d have to return the money.
ST: Are there any marks limits to apply for the grant?
SE: You must have a minimum of B average in all subjects and an A in P.E. Any other question?
ST: No, thank you.
SE: Goodbye.
ST: Bye.

Task 1. Imagine that you have the problems below

-Friend 1:
Can I speak to you for a moment?
I need your advice.
I'm worried about...

-Friend 2:
What's the problem?
When did that happen?
Have you thought about...?
Why don't you...?
You should think about...
If I were you i'd...
You can always...
You must...
You have to...

F1.- Hi George!
F2.- Hi Barack! How are you?
F1.- Fine and you?
F2.- I'm not very well. Can I told you something?
F1.- Yes, you can.
F2.- I'm worried about _______. I need your advice.
F1.- When did that happen?
F2.- It happened _____
F1.- You should think about_______ // If I were you i'd _________ // You can always ______ // You must _______ // You have to _______
F2.- It's a good advice, thank you George.
F1.- Nothing, bye.
F2.- Bye!

Task Unit 4

Now, I´m going to talk about the housework tasks I do at home.
Every day, I wake up at 7.00 am. And I start to tidy me up. I always make my bed because my parents stopped making it when I was younger, so if I want to sleep into a well made bed, I have to make it personally and I have to tidy up my room.
After every meals, I have to clear the table and sometimes I must sweep the floor because it´s my turn of cleaning the rubbish after eating.
On the weekend, when I´ve cleaned the kitchen and I have tidied up my room, the time of cleaning the house starts. My sister and my mother go to the church because they sing in the choir of the Sunday´s Eucharist.
My father and I stay in home and we start cleaning the house with chores like dusting and vacuuming. We have got parquet so we have to be too careful not to damage it. When we have finished dusting and vacuuming, we usually do the laundry and after the laundry is finished, we have to fold it (that´s the household chore I hate more, I don´t know why, because I like vacuuming or dusting, but I can´t stand folding the clothes).
These are the household chores I do at home, because my mother cleans the bathrooms, and sometimes, my father cleans the windows and other things like that.
A responsibility my sister and me have got is taking out the rubbish. My family produces a lot of rubbish and every day we have to take out something. Fortunately, my family recycles and when we are taking it out, it´s easier to know which garbage bag we have to throw into the yellow container.
Recycling is an activity which is done by few people in Spain, because they think it is easier to leave all the rubbish in the plastic container for example. But they think dividing the rubbish into organic, plastic, glass and paper is a difficult chore, that´s the reason they don´t recycle, because they think it´s so stink.
If we think in a world where nobody recycles and all the people leave the rubbish where they want, the world would be full of rubbish on the roads and into houses. This picture isn´t too far from the actual situation, because studies have shown that many countries bury the 70 per cent of their rubbish under the land.
If we want to have a good world to give to our children, we must start recycling all the rubbish and not to continue doing the things we do now, our parents have given us a good world and we mustn´t leave the world which we have got now to our kids.
In conclusion, recycling is a good activity because it produces benefits to the environment. Everybody would have to do it. We can´t avoid producing rubbish, but the thing we can do is recycle to produce the environment the less effect as possible
And thank you for your attention